Kelly Jarvis

Inspired by life-force, our connection to everything around us, and Aotearoa’s very own native flora and fauna, my work is underpinned by my own journey, understanding my authentic self through creativity, my relationship with the natural world, honoring and sharing the way I express myself in this world.

I believe, and work with the understanding and intention that everything has the ability to flourish, providing it has the right environment it needs to do so. I work with the principles Tika, Pono and Aroha. These principles support me to create change by authentically addressing the problems our society is facing.  Through my art, I hope to echo a voice for those who cannot speak and to inspire people to learn more about the environment they live in, to find ways to reconnect people with nature and to be active in conservation. I love to explore many ways of doing this and enjoy telling stories using a diverse range of art mediums.


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